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Biomimicry : Learning from nature

On Friday 17th January our Eco-Rangers learned about bio mimicry.

What is Bio mimicry?

Biomimicry - learning from nature

Biomimicry – learning from nature

Bios means life. Mimesis means to imitate. Simply put, Bio Mimicry is when we look to nature and natural systems for inspiration. After millions of years, Mother Nature has worked out some effective processes which we can learn from or copy.
Learning from nature

Our Eco-Rangers Learning from nature

Nature is incredibly efficient compared to us. We create waste whereas nature produces no waste — everything is used up in the cycle of life. What is waste from another creature may well be food for a plant or another species.

It was fascinating to hear how nature has solved many problems in an environmental friendly way, which we humans are still struggling with. We are destroying natural habitat, poisoning and polluting our environment in the way that we manufacture goods and build the environment we want to live in.

Closeup of the Dragon fly wing - lots of windows

Closeup of the Dragon fly wing – lots of windows

The children enjoyed the activities by looking at natural articles that have been used to inspire products we use today and were encouraged to think of new ideas how we could copy nature.

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