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Hiking at Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve

On arrival the clouds were rolling over Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve and falling down into the Franschhoek valley. So much for a warm and sunny day hike as predicted! It was freezing and we could see only a short distance in front of us. Some of us arrived with no warm clothes and some of us were having second thoughts.


Hiking at Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve

The staff at the Mont Rochelle were very kind and loaned one little boy a warm coat while others they gave black plastic bags to try to keep the warmth in. Thank you to the guys at Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve for being so generous and trusting.


Misty Hike At Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve

To begin with we walked in a misty, almost mystical land. Thank goodness with the climb we all warmed up and off we went. The trail is relatively easy apart from the ups and downs, uneven surfaces and many, many steps. Some of us needed regular breaks. The kids of course were way up in front. Every now and again the mists lifted and revealed many bright and delicate flowers each encrusted with tiny droplets creating a jewel like effect. It was stunning! We crossed a little river which had a huge Cape River frog. He was the size of a large mans hand. A couple of the children thought this little bridge was where the troll hides . . . so beware any tasty looking creatures treading along this area.


Bag Worm found at Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve

As we arrived at the viewpoint of the Uitkyk trail the clouds lifted. It was as if the curtain on a stage had been lifted and the breathtaking scene was revealed for all to see. It was totally breathtaking and all one could do was stand and take in the endless beauty of the valley below with the Wemmershoek dam in the distance. It as time to relax and enjoy a picnic for us all before heading back to the meeting point.


Cape Fire Bush

While we were waiting one of us had an agama lizard bounce across her knees – eeek! The Lizard thought nothing of this and stopped and stared back as if this was norm. Others of us went off to explore the rocky areas and plants. The fire heath and the many purple flowers added some incredible contrast to the scenery. Baboon whooped in the distance while a pair of black eagles soared over us.

The walk back was a warm experience as the sun beating down on us. The view on the return clearer now and even better were the carpets of purple flowers along the path. It was as if we were walking in some garden paradise only it was natural. Nature is full of tiny treasures and this venue was no different. Some of those treasures apart from floral gems were a tiny bag worm, a very camouflaged grasshopper and some pygmy falcons to name a few.

We hope everyone enjoyed the day out exploring Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve, an area of paradise.


Splash of Colour

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