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Nature & Craft Holiday program for kids age 3-6 years

Don’t miss out on the Eco-Ranger July Nature and Craft Holiday program being run during the second week of the winter school holidays. All children are welcome to join in on this fun filled program. Book for one or two day’s or book for the entire week. There are many exciting projects to choose from and with each there will be a discussion about the nature topic being worked on that day. Children can try some woodwork, make a place mat, play with clay, make in insect hotel, decorate a cupcake and discover the treasures of nature by joining in on an exciting scavenger hunt.

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We have two programs running from 6th July through to 10th July 2015:
The 3-6 year olds program runs from 13h00-14h00 at the Education Center (Helderberg Nature Reserve)

The 6-15 year old program runs from 14h30 -16h30 at the Education Center (Helderberg Nature Reserve). See our post for 6-15 year old children.

Booking is essential and payment must be made in advance so as to secure your place.

The craft workshops can only cater for a maximum of 25 children per slot.

The program is as follows:

Kids ages 3-6 years (13h00 till 14h00)
· 6th July : Our special garden birds and make your own bird pine cone feeder
Our Environmental educator will be telling us about which birds we find in our gardens, what they eat, which ones are likely to visit our bird feeders and use nest boxes. After this we’ll be making a pine bird feeder which you can hang up in your garden.

· 7th July : Elephants forever & make your own clay elephant
Elephants are among the world’s most intelligent, sensitive animals and possess both empathy and self-awareness. Let’s learn more about them and make our own clay elephant.

· 8th July : Bugs in our gardens & make an insect hotel
Although insects are commonly thought of as pests, one must take the time to realize their benefits in our everyday lives. Without insects operating dutifully about their ecosystems, our world would be a very different place than the one we’ve come to enjoy. Let’s learn more about the benefits of insects in our gardens and make an insect hotel to help them find a home.

· 9th July : Fabulous Flamingos & make a flamingo place mat
With their pink and crimson plumage, long legs and necks, and strongly hooked bills, flamingos cannot be mistaken for any other type of bird. These beauties have long fascinated people. Let’s learn more about them and make our own place mat to take home.

· 10th July : Nature scavenger hunt & Cup cake decorating
Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt? Get your kids outdoors and ‘scavenging’ for treasures in nature! Armed with a list of items to find, they’ll eagerly look at the world around them with more observant eyes. Decorate your own yummy cup cake afterwards! A juice and snack will be provided on this day.

What to bring:
All you need for a fun filled day at the Helderberg Nature Reserve. Pack a nice snack and juice and bring some warm clothes just in case you feel cold. An apron is also a great idea if you want to protect your clothes.

Cost per child: R100.00 / session

Book the entire week and pay R450.00 (you save R50)

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