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2015 Astronomy Observers wall calendar & Sky Guide

Christmas is almost here and you’re probably on the hunt for great ideas to give as gifts. But what do you give the that stargazer on your list, the person who is fascinated by the night skies? What about a 2015 Astronomy Observers wall calendar. This is a beautiful full-colour, six-page double-sided wall calendar in large format (52cm x 35cm). This calendar features spectacular monthly photos of southern deep-sky objects, accompanied by a brief descriptive text.

2015 Astronomy Observers wall calendar

2015 Astronomy Observers wall calendar

You’ll also find important sky events (specifically for the southern hemisphere) are diarised, and the best monthly highlights are illustrated and explained. In addition, lunar phases and planet visibility are described.

Alternatively you might consider the 2015 Sky Guide Africa South Astronomical Handbook for Southern Africa.

2015 Sky Guide Africa South

2015 Sky Guide Africa South

This is a perfect gift for first time star-gazers and professional astronomers alike. This is a book packed with information covering the 2015 planetary movements, predicted eclipses and meteor showers. To add to that you will be able to follow events which change annually and you will find star charts where you can plot your evening sky for each season.

This is bound to be a winner for any astronomer no matter what age or level. They’ll be buried in this book discovering a wealth of information about the wonders of the sky.

To order the calendar, contact [ auke AT ]
Buy the limited edition 2015 Astronomy Calendar
Cost of the Calendar: R 125 plus postage

Cost of the 2015 Sky Guide: R120 plus postage
You can purchase the book at any good bookstore.

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