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Can you make a nest like a Bird?

Last Friday our Genet group enjoyed a great project which encouraged them to really think as birds do, and in the process, they had to create a nest fit for a bird. The children were shown various different bird nest and asked how they think a bird makes its nest. Following this, the children were able to go out and explore the outdoors to gather the items they thought a bird would need to make a nest. They were also supplied with materials such a grass, twigs and sticks to help get them going. A number of the children went in search of feathers, spider webs, fine seed fluff and mosses. In the end we had some impressive nests build by small hands. We’re sure a bird or two would have taken up residence given half the chance. Well done to all of you and we hope you understand how hard it is to create something out of what nature has to offer and with two hands rather than a beak.

Fit for a bird

Fit for a bird

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